Semalt: How To Block Certain Websites In Chrome Using BlockIt

The internet is full of annoyances, and the pop-up ads are among the most irritating things. These appear on your web pages and frustrate the users in a lot of ways. Plus, they redirect the users to unwanted or adult websites. With BlockIt, you can quickly eliminate both the pop-up ads and the suspicious or adults sites from your Google Chrome. Websites that load and take the texts you enter with it can be blocked easily with this technique.

There are different threats on the internet, and we always look for protection against them. The parents want reliable parental control programs installed on the smartphones of their children to avoid an unpleasant trouble, and the employers look for well-versed monitoring tools to ensure the great performance of their workers. For the Google Chrome users, a solution to all problems is available, which is known as BlobkIt. It is a famous browser security extension that can restrict the access to a few web pages so that the inappropriate and dangerous content does not appear when you are surfing the internet.

Here Michael Brown, a leading specialist from Semalt, has described some ways to block a couple of websites in Chrome using the BlockIt.


If you are using the Windows version, which is not supportive for parental controls, you can easily install the extension called as BlockIt to eliminate a few suspicious or adult websites. The first step is to install an add-on and type chrome://extension/ in your address bar. This will show all the installed extensions. The second step is to click on the Options bar and restrict the access to the pages you don't like.


While it's very easy to block a few websites with this method, you can easily unlock your favorite sites from the same list. Go to the Options section and delete the URL to get it deleted from the blocked list. Make sure you have saved the settings before closing your web browsers.


If you want to set a password so that your children do not access the blocked websites ever, you should type in the password in the BlockIt's options bar and confirm it. Then you should click on the Save button before closing the window.


Now, go back to Google Chrome to check if the URLs are properly blocked or not. You simply need to insert the name of the site, and if it is blocked, the message will appear stating that this website is blocked. If you want to access the same website, you should click on the Change Settings option and insert your password here. It will direct you to the page where you can block or unblock the websites based on your personal preferences.

BlockIt has been around for years, but the sheer number of websites it blocks is unmatched on the internet. The best advantage is that this can easily block multiple websites in Google Chrome and does not save their links in the backend. Plus, you can unblock the web pages anytime, anywhere.